It allows your guests to take unlimited photos, it will instantly print 2 copies (with your names and date on the bottom) – 1 for your guests to keep and 1 for the guest book. It is very easy to use and is loved by everyone.

Your guests can also choose to leave a video message and/or create a boomerang GIF.

Available for a 3 hour hire or all day hire

You get the pod installed and ready to use from 14:00 through to 22:00 with unlimited instant prints, a guest book and props, a great package deal with no hidden charges.

  • Your names & date on the photos
  •  Your guests get to take unlimited photos. the Selfie Pod will instantly print 2 copies – one for them to keep and one for the guest book, they can then send the images via email or text message meaning they also get a digital copy.
  •  Guest book – we also provide the pens and adhesive for you guests to create a book on the night (Free if booked by end of this month)
  •  Guests can record you personal video messages
  •  Guests can record Boomerang GIFs
  •  Guests can share their pictures and GIFs via email or text message instantly if desired
  •  All digital images, video messages & boomerang GIFs recorded sent to you after the event
  •  Public Liability Insurance
  • Travel to all venues from Teesside, All the way through to Newcastle and surrounding areas

Super easy to use, once your guests have pressed the start button the Pod with take 3 photos with a count down displaying each 1 before taking the next, once all 3 pictures have been taken it will automatically print 2 copies with your names on the bottom – 1 for your guests to take home, 1 for the supplied guest book for them to leave you a handwritten personal message (we supply everything – pens, glue & guest book).

Your guests can also share their photos and boomerang GIFs by email or text message so they a digital copy instantly.

After the hire we will email you all the hi resolution digital images, video messages your guests have recorded for you plus any Boomerang GIFs the Streamline Selfie Booth has captured.


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